UpDATEs - Caramel Apples (10-5-12)

*Remember me? I finally updated this blog. Be sure to check out Brotherly Barbecue and Swiss Days.*

I can't remember one time in my whole life when I had eaten a caramel apple before October 5, 2012. It's a good thing we dipped some apples so I could broaden my horizons!

BYU was playing a football game that Jeff couldn't resist. Hence the computer being our third wheel. Or perhaps I was the third wheel? Whatever. I had all that caramel to keep me company.
First caramel apple. She's a beaut.
Fine. Not totally a beaut but it sure tasted good!


  1. Love the upDATES! My favorite was the picture of you dipping your apple because I quickly glanced at it and thought, "What in the world did Sarah do to her hair?" until I realized that your "hair" was actually the plant behind you. It's a good look for you.

  2. Well, I have sure missed the weekly postings on Excelladaters! Thanks for catching us up on your dating endeavors. Loved them all, but I just have one question... Where are all the highs and lows? You know how much I love them!! Love your title, love your pictures, love your storytelling, love it all!!!

  3. What a beaut!! I agree with Rebecca your hair would look fantastic peacock style (like it looks with the plant backdrop). Love your dates you two are seriously too cute!!